Gillibrand Tours Cyber Facility


By Karita Rawlins

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Before returning to Washington for the next session of Congress, Senator Kirsten GIllibrand made a stop in Utica, ny to talk Cybersecurity. She toured the Northeast Cyber Forensic Center at Utica College. She said the region has long been fundamental to the nation’s security.

“Utica and Rome nearby have been at the heart of our national defense, particularly in areas concerning cyber,” she said. “So we have almost a corridor of expertise in this region which is very powerful.”

She warned about the increasing threat of cyber terrorism in the world.

“It is a very intense and real threat, our government offices each of their agency are attacked every single day thousands of times this is something that is prevalent, consistent and dangerous.

The College houses a secure facility for cyber security research. Gillibrand stopped in on a class studying terrorism and economic crime.

“ I hope some of you do decide to become policy makers. Some of you obviously will help a lot of companies stay safe and keep our companies and our data and our personal information safe,” said Gillibrand.

Over the past decade there have been almost four thousand security breaches, estimated to have cost American businesses more than 100 billion dollars.  Earlier this year Gillibrand introduced a bill to provide tax credits for businesses that invest in cyber security and information sharing.