The mission of the New York Reporting Project at Utica College is to inform citizens of New York State about important public issues.  Our method for doing this is to produce and distribute engaging pieces of explanatory journalism—stories that serve the public interest.

The NYRP-UC will distribute stories to partners in the mainstream media as well as publish them online at the NYRP-UC website. NYRP-UC will use the tools and techniques of new media to augment many of the projects that appear in mainstream outlets.

We will report on stories from all regions of New York State. As our project is defined by geography, not by a particular reporting beat, our topic area is necessarily broad. Topics the NYRP-UC will follow include but are not limited to the environment, energy, education, the economy, public health and politics as well as other issues that arise within the state.  NYRP-UC will also profile New Yorkers who are doing interesting and significant work in their fields.

NYRP-UC also will work with the journalism program at Utica College to provide training and hands-on experience for student journalists.